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SacTV has created hundreds of videos of Sacramento and beyond. It's a site for both residents and visitors to dig into a vast library and explore local people and places on video. Some of the highlights include footage of the State Capitol, Old Sac, the American River, the Sacramento River and more.
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Sacramento Video Library

Virtual Tour of Sacramento
Davis Authors: Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone?
New Section: Northern California Concert History
Sacramento Economic History
Interview with 98 Rock's Pat Martin
Interview with KFRC Radio Legend Dave Sholin
Interviews with KCRA Pilot Dann Shively
History of Sacramento Airwaves
Interviews with Matias Bombal on Crest Theatre History
Interviews with Jazz/Funk Musician Harley White, Jr.
Russ Solomon on Charr Crail's Digital Art
History of Denio's Auction in Roseville
Mark Dobbins on Custom Guitars
Queen of Sacramento Soul Carla Fleming
Sacramento to New York Road Trip
History of Sacramento Media
Sacramento Rock and Roll Museum with Dennis Newhall
Interview with Video/Film Producer Frank Casanova of The Studio Center
History of Films Made in Sacramento
Timeline of Sacramento Television History
Interviews with Singer/Songwriter Caron Vikre
Scenes From the River City
Interviews with Bee Writer David Watts Barton
Remembering Sac Radio Legend Johnny Hyde
Timeline of Sacramento History
History of Early Japanese Immigration to Sacramento
KWODumentary: KWOD and 90s alternative radio
Twirl Radio Host Mike Lidskin
Home Recording Demystified
Interview with Wine Country singer Amber Snider
Exploring Sacramento's Railroad History
Pablo Baxter on KSSU at Sac State
Interviews with Sacramento Radio Legends
History of Sacramento Entertainment with William Burg
Sacramento Local Music Set to American River Videos
Photography of Jason Branz
Tour of Weston House Recording Studio
FM 102 Morning Zoo Flashback with Chris Collins
Sacramento KROY Radio Flashback with Tony Cox
KZAP Freeform Rock Interviews
KWOD Alternative Football 1996
Placerville Celtic Artist Brenin's Light
KWOD Interviews with Alex Cosper
Sacramento Concert Venues
Remembering Innovative Musician Scott Miller of Loud Family
Interview Series with Folk Singer/Songwriter Jenn Rogar
Political TV Advertising Analysis
Interview with Rhythm School
Weinstock's Author Annette Kassis
Michele Jennae's Tips for Indie Bands
Earth Radio 2000 Reunion
Local Music Airplay: Sound of Sacramento
Indie Musician Strategy
How Sacramento Has Shaped National Media
Short Golden 1 Center Documentary
State Fair 2016 Review
Interview with ex-KFOG PD Dennis Constantine
Interview with Guitarist Cory "Lightning Boy" Gibbs
Cruisin' Scenes Set To Sacramento Local Music
KWOD Story: The Rise of Alternative Radio
Radio vs. Internet According to Jeffry-Wynne Prince
The Legend of KZAP
Sac State Memories 1984
Wood Turning with Ted Young
Jay Shaner's Home Recording Studio
Art and Jewelry at Little Relics
Chris Goslow's Musical Journey
Carmichael Solar Water Pioneer Al Rich
Ken Koenig Mixes Live Music with Hits
Frank Hannon of Tesla in Roseville
Interview with Singer/Songwriter Becca Danielson
Lady Bird Movie Review
Sac State vs The Suck State of Mainstream Media
Book Explores McClatchy Broadcasting History
Jack FM Switches To 93.7 The River
Why It's Illegal To Be Homeless In Sacramento
Jane Sibbett Interview: From KRAT to Hollywood
KZAP Returns to Sacramento Airwaves
Captain Carrot at Sac Music Fest
Interview with San Jose Radio's Dana Jang
Sacramento Radio History
How To See Through Media Distortion
History of Sugar Addiction in Pop Culture
Timeline of American Television
San Francisco Virtual Tour Videos
Examples of Musician Blogging Errors
Shifting to Health Food Starting with Smoothies
History of Recording Arts Schools
Sacramento Rock and Roll Museum
How Apps Took Over Pop Culture
History of DIY Music
Mass Mania in Slow Motion
Kally O'Mally Releases New Album
Lance Walden's SF Coastal DJ Dream Job
Johnny Pride of The Features Still Writing Songs
Anton Barbeau Prepares For New Album
History of Ambulance Fraud in America
Pros and Cons of Moving to Sacramento
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SacTV is a growing archive of videos, documentaries and stories that reveal what life is like living in Sacramento. I've tried to document snapshots of local history with a focus on people and places. I worked in Sacramento radio in the eighties and nineties, mainly at KWOD, the former alternative station at 106.5 FM. Many of those memories are preserved here.

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