Timeline of Sacramento Television History

1948 Sacramentan Mark Goodson begins producing national TV shows with Bill Todman
1953 Sacramento's first TV station was NBC affiliate KCCC Channel 40
1954 KOVR Channel 13 debuts at the California State Fair on September 6
1955 KBET debuts on Channel 10 on March 19
1955 KCRA Channel 3 launches on September 3 as an NBC affiliate, founded by Ewing Kelly and Hansen brothers
1957 KOVR becomes an ABC affiliate after merging with KCCC Channel 40
1958 Gannett Broadcasting buys KOVR
1959 Central California Educational Television (CCET) launches KVIE Channel 6 on February 23
1959 John Kluge's Metropolitan Broadcasting (which later becomes Metromedia) buys KOVR
1959 Sacramento Telecasters sells KBET to Corinthian Broadcasting, call letters change to KXTV
1959 Stan Atkinson becomes news anchor through 1963
1959 Channel 40 returns to the air as KVUE then goes dark after five months
1960 KCRA co-founder Ewing Kelly dies, son Bob Kelly becomes president, son Jon Kelly named GM
1961 Transmitter tower site completed in Walnut Grove for KCRA, KOVR and KXTV
1961 Mitch Agruss begins working for KOVR Channel 13, forming the Cap'n Delta show
1964 Metromedia sells KOVR to Bee owner McClatchy Newspapers
1964 All-Channel Receiver Act goes into effect, requiring TV sets to include UHF tuning
1964 Bob Wilkins begins hosting an afternoon show on KCRA
1965 Former KGMS-AM co-owner Jack Matranga is granted a license for Channel 40
1965 KCRA begins broadcasting its newscasts in color
1966 Bob Wilkins introduces Saturday night horror showcase called Seven Arts Theatre on KCRA
1966 Charlie Duncan replaces Mitch Agruss as Cap'n Delta on KOVR
1968 Channel 40 returns to the air as KTXL
1968 Former KOVR Cap'n Delta Mitch Agruss becomes Cap'n Mitch on KTXL through 1984
1970 PBS launches as a non-commercial network, KVIE later becomes affiliate
1970 After a brief absence, Bob Wilkins returns to Sacramento TV on KTXL
1972 Sacramentan Larry Linville begins appearing on the CBS TV show M*A*S*H
1974 Pat Morita from Isleton begins appearing on the ABC TV show Happy Days
1974 Future KCRA meteorologist Christine Hanson appears in Playboy in Septemeber
1974 KMUV TV signs on Channel 31 as all movie station October 5, owned by Sid Grayson
1975 KCRA begins using remote cameras for newscasts
1975 KOVR Action News 13 cast: Dave Walker, Steve Somers (sports), Bette Vasquez (weather)
1975 KCRA Channel 3 Reports cast: Bob Whitten, Mary Richardson (consumer reporter), Pete Liebengood (sports), Tom DuHain (weather)
1976 Stan Atkinson becomes news anchor through 1994
1976 KMUV abandons all-movie format in favor of mainly Spanish programming
1978 McClatchy Newspapers sells KOVR to Outlet Communications
1978 CBS begins airing PM Magazine in September, featuring Cary Nosler
1979 Sacramentan Timothy Busfield lands a role on CBS TV series Trapper John, MD
1979 KCRA introduces its news helicopter, LiveCopter3, flown by Dann Shiveley
1980 Former KCRA and KOVR anchors Dave and Lois Hart debut on CNN
1981 Koplar Broadcasting buys KMUV and relaunches it April 6 as KRBK
1983 Sacramento Cable is awarded franchise, leading to the creation of Access Sacramento Channel 17
1984 KXTV owner Corinthian sells to A.H. Belo Corporation
1985 KCRA, KOVR and KXTV all move to new transmitter sites
1985 Don Imus, who had worked on Sacramento radio in the early 70s, debuts as one of VH-1's first VJs
1986 Narragansett Television LP buys KOVR
1986 KTXL TV 40 becomes part of the new Fox network as one of its first affiliates
1986 Renaissance Broadcasting acquires KTXL
1988 Anchor Media buys KOVR
1988 KPWB 31 becomes flagship station for the Sacramento Kings through 2003
1988 Former KFBK host Morton Downey Jr.'s TV show begins national syndication
1989 KCRA former owner Nina Kelly dies at the age of 87
1990 Dave Walker and Lois Hart begin hosting KRCA evening newscasts through 2008
1991 Sacramentan Jane Sibbett begins her role in the Fox TV sitcom Herman's Head
1991 KCRA participates experiment running network programming 7-10pm thru 1993
1992 Mark Goodson dies at age 77
1993 KOVR owner Anchor Media merges with River City Broadcasting
1993 Mark S. Allen hosts Short Attention Theatre on Comedy Central
1994 Jane Sibbett lands a role as Carol Willick on new NBC sitcom Friends
1994 Pappas Telecasting purchases KRBK 31
1994 KCRA begins a marketing partnership with KSCH (now KQCA) on Channel 58
1994 Stan Atkinson moves from KCRA to KOVR
1995 KRBK becomes KPWB, to mirror its WB Television Network affiliation
1995 In a network swap on March 6, KXTV became an ABC affiliate and KOVR picked up CBS
1996 Mark S. Allen joins the morning show Good Day Sacramento
1996 Tribune Broadcasting acquires KXTL
1996 Sinclair Broadcast Group buys KOVR
1997 Dale Schornack and Cristina Mendonsa become co-anchors on KXTV newscasts
1998 Sacramentan Merrin Dungey begins role on CBS TV series The King of Queens
1998 After a network affiliation swap, KPWB becomes a UPN affiliate KMAX while KQCA 58 became a WB affiliate
1999 Sacramentan Lisa Ling joins the popular ABC TV show The View
1999 KMAX becomes first local station to be owned by a major network when Viacom acquires CBS
1999 Hearst-Argyle acquires KCRA from Kelly Broadcasting
1999 The Gannett Company acquires KXTV
2000 Larry Linville dies at the age of 60
2000 KCRA owner Hearst-Argyle acquires KQCA Channel 58
2001 Morton Downey Jr. dies at age 68
2002 Sacramentan Rene Syler begins co-hosting The Early Show on CBS News
2004 KCRA launches a broadcasting exhibit at Arden Fair
2004 Sinclair sells KOVR to Viacom Stations Group
2005 KOVR 13 becomes CBS 13 on April 29
2005 KXTV launches lifestyle show Sacramento and Company
2005 Pat Morita dies at the age of 73
2008 Former KCRA reporter David Gregory becomes moderator of NBC show Meet The Press
2009 Bob Wilkins dies in Reno at age 76
2009 Local TV analog VHF signals shut down on June 12, to comply with federal mandate
2009 KXTV begins broadcasting in high definition in December
2015 Lester Holt, who went to Sac State, becomes NBC Nightly News anchor
2015 Mitch Agruss, who played "Cap'n Mitch" on KTXL, dies at age 92
2017 Former KOVR "Cap'n Delta" Charlie Duncan dies at the age of 86

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