Sacramento Video Tours and Local Video Guides

Learn the local streets and the local scene at the same time by mixing local music with local video scenery with Sacramento drive videos.

William Land Park, 2009
Here's a tour of William Land Park conducted by a dog named Sidecar Savannah. Read the video review here. Uploaded on YouTube by SidecarSavannah.
Monorail Ride - California State Fair, Cal Expo, Summer 2011
This video takes you on a monorail tour through the 2011 state fair at Cal Expo. Uploaded on YouTube by Gfcmail.
Sacramento - The Movie, 2009
Here's a brief video tour of Downtown Sacramento and West Sacramento, highlighting the State Capital and Tower Bridge. Uploaded on YouTube by Igorg003.
Sutter's Fort - A Look Inside - Sacramento, CA, 2009
Sutter's Fort is one of the most historic landmarks in Sacramento because it was the center of the California Gold Rush. Uploaded by Ddfranklin on YouTube.
Sacramento International Airport Preview, 2009
This futuristic view of Sacramento's busiest airport was uploaded by Vestboy on YouTube.
Sacramento Light Rail, 2008
This view of light rail was uploaded by signal consultant Elfwal on YouTube, who says all light rail cars were made in Germany but were assembled in Sacramento.
Metro Transit Video: Sacramento Regional Transit Bus System, 2010
This video highlights Regional Transit and Unitrans systems and a visit to Sacramento and Davis by Nabinut, who uploaded this video to YouTube.
Sacramento California Tourism, 2011
This Sacramento travel documentary focuses on city history, the Capitol, Sacramento Kings, Old Sacramento and other attractions. It was uploaded by TheSacramentoBoys ( on YouTube.
Downtown - Sacramento California {HD}, 2010
Here are scenes of Downtown Sacramento, uploaded by Igorg003 on YouTube.
Sacramento California - One Minute Tour, 2009
This video includes a one minute tour of the State Capitol along with scenes of the Tower Bridge, Sutter's Fort, Sacramento skyline, Old Sacramento and more, made by Christina Niven (
Old Sacramento, CA, 2009
Old Sacramento is seen at night in this brief video uploaded by Photoguy8869 on YouTube.
FS9 Sacramento scenery fly-about, 2009
An aerial view of Sacramento from an FS9 plane shows the valley's terrain, uploaded by ZZevious on YouTube.
Trip to the California State Railroad Museum on Amtrak, 2008
This video highlights scenes from the Capitol Corridor, uploaded by Kevin2472 on YouTube.
Sutter's Fort: A Pioneer's Destination, 2009
Two 4th grade girls present historic notes on Sutter's Fort, uploaded by Fabuloushayley on YouTube.
Old Sacramento, CA, 2008
Here are scenes of Old Sacramento, uploaded by Mikezmac ( on YouTube.
Tour of Sacramento, 2008
This video montage captures images of the California Gold Rush in Old Sacramento, uploaded by Discovergold.

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