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Local Sports 2023

River Cats Look to 2024 as a Comeback Year

The Sacramento River Cats kicked off their 2023 season on 04/04/23 at Sutter Health Park, as reported by CBS Sacramento. Unfortunately, it turned into a disappointing season with a record of 67-82 and they haven't had a winning season since 2019. The team plays in the Pacific Coast League (PCL) and is affiliated with the San Francisco Giants. Sutter Health Park is located in West Sacramento and has a capacity of 14,000. It was originally called Raley Field from its opening in 2000 through 2019. The team has won Triple-A national championships in 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008 and 2019. The Sacramento Kings acquired a majority ownership of the team in 2022. The River Cats posted their best record of 92-52 in 2003.

Kings Lose at Home to Golden State in Game 7

The Kings' spectacular and hopeful season ended April 30, 2023 with a playoff loss to Golden State in Sacramento. The Warriors, who were the number 6 seed, were led by Stephen Curry's 50 points in the 120-100 victory of the number 3 seed Kings. Golden State moved on in the playoffs to face the Los Angeles Lakers. The television audience for Game 7, according to Nielsen, averaged 9.8 million viewers. Peak viewership was 11.9 million, setting a record on ABC for largest audience of a first round NBA playoff game.

Kings Win Game 6 in San Francisco

The Kings won on a visit to San Francisco April 28, 2023, defeating Golden State 118-99. The score was 58-51 Kings at the end of the first half. Malik Monk led scoring for the with 28 points. De'Aaron Fox was also a dominant scorer with 26 points. The game was held at Chase Center with a sold out crowd of slightly over 18,000. The television audience for the game averaged about 5 million viewers, according to Nielsen, setting a record for largest audience of a first round NBA game on ESPN.

Kings Win Game 2 at Home at Home

In Game 2 won 114-106, in which the Warriors led at the end of the first quarter but were outscored in the second quarter. After leading at the half by 6 points, the Kings outscored the Warriors by two points in the second half. The Kings took control of the game approaching the final 2 minutes when De'Aaron Fox widened the lead with a 3-pointer, making it 107-101. Leading scorers for the Kings were Domantas Sarbonis with 24 points and Malik Monk with 18 points.

Kings Win Playoff Opener at Home Over Golden State

The Sacramento Kings returned for their first NBA playoff appearance in years with a 126-114 victory over the Golden State Warriors in Game 1 on April 15, 2023. De'Aaron Fox was the lead scorer for the Kings with 38 points, 29 of which came in the second half.

Region Celebrates Kings' 1st Playoff Appearance in Years

The Sacramento Kings' 120-80 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers on Thursday, 03/30/23, put them in the NBA playoffs for the first time in over a decade. After the league's longest losing streak of 16 seasons, the team rose to third place in the Western Conference, achieving a 46-30 record. Here's a look at the team's highlights over Portland.

Kings Win 40th Game in Phoenix

The Sacramento Kings are strong contenders for the 2022-2023 NBA Finals this season after winning their 40th game visiting the Phoenix Suns on Saturday, March 11. Video of game highlights reveal how the Kings keep winning games, this time for a score of 128-119. The victory puts them in a second place tie within the Western Conference. This Skip and Shannon video discusses updates on the team. The Kings are having one of their best seasons so far this century, bringing back memories of the 2001-2002 season when they earned the NBA's best season record at 61-21.

Keegan Interview on 118-113 Kings Win Over OKC

Sacramento Kings forward Keegan Murray had a productive night on 01/20/23 in the win over the Oklahoma City Thunder. He set a career high of 29 points in the process. Murray talks about some of the factors to the team's victory in this Fox 40 News post-game interview. He mentions how "a lot of my shots were open" and "my teammates have the most confidence in me, my abilities." As far as teammate Domantas Sabonis aka Domas, Murray says, "I think he's the best player in the league." With the victory, the Kings' record advanced to 26-18.

Kings Coach Mike Brown Discusses Beating Lakers

"It was a good win by our guys," Kings Coach Mike Brown said in a post-game interview after defeating the Lakers 116-111 in Los Angeles on 01/18/23. "You look at a guy like (forward) Richaun (Holmes)," Brown continued, "who we threw out there to start the game. I don't know if he's played more than ten minutes in the game this year and he goes out there and plays 31 minutes for us. And he was great. He was 7 for 7 from the field, but more importantly, he had 4 or 5 deflections, which was huge. And then his 11 rebounds - we needed every single rebound we could get."

Kings Over Lakers 116-111 in LA

The Sacramento Kings defeated the Los Angeles Lakers at (formerly known as Staples Center) on Wednesday, 01/18/23. It marked the team's fifth straight victory, elevating the Kings to third place in the Western Conference. DeAaron Fox scored 31 points for the Kings, while LeBron James made 32 points for the Lakers. The win put the Kings' record at 25-18 while the Lakers sank to 20-25.

Royal Report: Kings Midseason Grades

After the Sacramento Kings have reached the midway point of the 2022-2023 NBA season, The Royal Report grades the team on their performance so far. This episode emphasizes that the team has a competent new head coach, Mike Brown. The report gives high ratings to the Kings, who have surprised many sports experts this season, rising to number three in the Western Conference.

New Type of Outdoor Football for Everyone

Super Bowl weekend brings a surprise video on a new type of safe football game for everyone. This SacTV video shot at the American River on Saturday, 02/11/23, is hosted by Alex Cosper, who explains how three people can have fun with a passing game that doesn't involve contact between players. Each player rotates positions between quarterback, receiver and defender. It's a way to get healthy exercise at a park or in someone's backyard.

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