San Francisco Local Scene Artists

Want to check out a fun night club near the coast and not far from the San Francisco Zoo? Check out Riptide! Read this interview with DJ Lance Walden

Lindy LaFontaine interview with Volary
Abbey Sky is a new Orangevale-based melodic rock band started by Jeff Matej and Stan Newton. Uploaded by on YouTube. Visit
Deep Park Avenue - Over Again
Deer Park Avenue features sisters Sarah and Stephanie Snyder. They migrated from New York to Sacramento and now the Bay Area. "Over Again" is one of their standout melodic rockers. Uploaded by on YouTube.
Or, The Whale Live at The Independent
This video captures Or, The Whale in June 5, 2008, performing live at The Independent in San Francisco. The song is called "Call and Response" from their album Light Poles and Pines. Uploaded by on YouTube.
The Crown City Rockers - B-Boy
The Crown City Rockers are one of the best known San Francisco hip hop bands on the new century. The video includes a lot of DJ footage. Uploaded by on YouTube.
Picture Me Broken - Dearest (I'm So Sorry)"
The band's hard rockin' sound mixes with melodic power. Uploaded by on YouTube.
Cat McLean - "White Trash Girl"
Cat McLean rocks a crowd in San Francisco. Uploaded by on YouTube.
Tommy Castro - "Can't Keep a Good Man Down"
Tommy Castro plays live at the Fillmore in 2000. The video captures a vibrant performance with shots of the crowd enjoying the party atmosphere. Uploaded by on YouTube.

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