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Want to check out a fun night club near the coast and not far from the San Francisco Zoo? Check out Riptide! Read this interview with DJ Lance Walden

Travel Guide - San Francisco, California
The first thing to learn about the San Francisco Bay is its geographic layout. The area can has a natural complexity that can be easily understood by studying Bay Area maps. Here's a bird's eye view of the San Francisco area coastline. Uploaded by on YouTube.
Things To Do in San Francisco: Top 10 Attractions
San Francisco is one of the world's most visited destination because it's a melting pot of all cultures throughout the world. Here's your video checklist of 10 places to visit in San Francsico. Uploaded by on YouTube.
Alcatraz and San Francisco City Tour
A lot of people think of the Island of Alcatraz, Treasure Island and The Golden Gate Bridge when they think of San Francisco. This video quickly highlights some of the top tourist attractions in the Bay. Uploaded by on YouTube.
A Day in the Life: San Francisco
If you are moving to the Bay Area let's hope it's because you have a high paying job. Learning about everyday life in the Bay can be culture shock to some people because it's such a dynamic and artistic community. This video summarizes some of the best scenery in San Francsico. Uploaded by on YouTube.
San Francisco City Guide
San Francisco is much different than many modern cities because there is artistic ambiance almost everywhere you turn. Cable cars to take us on a tour to Fisherman's Wharf and then we visit Golden Gate Park and the Hiaight-Ashbury district along with several places with iconic landmarks in the background. Uploaded by on YouTube.
Best of San Francisco
The Bay Area is an excellent place to take colorful pictures for book covers, album covers or home movies. This slideshow showcases beautiful photography from the Bay Area. Uploaded by on YouTube.
The Neighborhoods of San Francisco
If you want to live in San Francisco this quick guide will help you learn the diverse communities among the City of San Francisco. It covers Haight-Ashbury, China Town, Nob Hill, South of Market and the Mission District. Uploaded by on YouTube.
Golden Gate Bridge Bike Tour, San Francisco
Environmentalism is a huge theme in the Bay Area and it's why many people prefer to ride their bikes for transportation. The Golden Gate Bridge is not only a beautiful site from many far away locations, it is also an awesome bike ride experience as this video demonstrates. Uploaded by on YouTube.
Visiting Fisherman's Wharf
One of the reasons Fisherman's Wharf is so popular is because it's all about fresh fish and nice restaurants. Get some views of one of the Bay's most visited tourist attractions. Uploaded by on YouTube.
Pacific Coast Highway 1 Drive Time Lapse
Pacific Coast Highway 1 is one of the best scenic drives in America, especially if you take the eleven hour drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco. This video documents coastal scenes along Pacific Coast Highway 1 on the drive from Los Angeles to the San Francisco Bay Area. Uploaded by on YouTube.
San Francisco BART - Bay Area Rapid Transit
This video shows the journey that BART covers from San Francisco to SFO and Milbrae. A map at the beginning also shows the East Bay routes. The brief video gives you glimpses of BART trains in action. Uploaded by on YouTube.
BART Ride in San Francisco
Getting around the Bay Area is easy with Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), which consists of trains that are popular with commuters. This video takes us on an actual BART ride throughout San Francisco. Uploaded by on YouTube.

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