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Local Music Spotlight: Harley White, Jr. Interview on Jazz

See all of SacTV interviews with Harley White, Jr. conducted on 10/23/13 in Downtown Sac. The interviews were done shortly after Harley completed and released his jazz album Cupcake. Today Harley continues working on music along with his 10-piece orchestra that has performed at local clubs like Shady Lady Saloon and Concerts in the Park at Chavez Park. In this interview series Harley talks about his musical background and his experience as a signed act with Elektra in Papa's Culture.

Statewide Trash to Get Greener in 2022

Californians will be disposing food waste into green waste bins after a new organic waste law goes into effect in 2022. The law seeks to lower organic waste in landfills by 75% within five years. CBS Sacramento reports citizens should wait until instructed by local officals. The City of Sacramento will roll out its organic recycling plant in the summer of 2022. California still has about 300 landfills, but only 55 remain in operation.

Sac Int'l Airport Cancels Flights

CBS Sacramento reported Saturday night on Christmas that numerous flights have been cancelled at Sacramento International Airport due to a spike in COVID-19 cases. The surge occurs during labor shortages at various airports.

Writer Joan Didion Dies at 87

KCRA News reported on 12/23/21 that writer Joan Didion, who grew up in Sacramento, died of complications from Parkinson's Disease at the age of 87. She graduated from C.K. McClatchy High and graduated from U.C. Berkeley in 1956. She then became a journalist who also wrote novels and screenplays. Her first published book, Slouching Towards Bethlehem was issued in 1968 as a reflection on sixties culture. Her memoir The Year of National Thinking won the National Book Foundation's National Book Award of 2005 for Non-fiction. Didion was born in Sacramento 12/05/34 and died in Manhattan.

Winter Light Show at Cal Expo

A Santa Clara-based light show company called Global Winter Wonderland opened in 2011 to showcase light shows such as the annual Chinese lantern festival. The production company is presenting a similar event at Cal Expo this holiday season. The event opened 11/19/21 and will last through 01/16/22. This YouTube video by IAmDennisP was uploaded 12/19/21.

SMUD Restores Downtown Power

SMUD was able to restore power to Downtown Sacramento - including Old Sac shops - on Friday 12/17/21. The power outage was related to one of SMUD's onsite substations that exploded on Wednesday. Many businesses counting on holiday revenue had to suffer financial setbacks. ABC10 reports more details. Sacramentans can stay in touch with SMUD power status with the municipal utility's power outage map.

Kathy Lester Becomes 1st Woman Sac Police Chief

Sacramento's first ever woman Chief of Police is 27-year police department veteran Kathy Lester. ABC10 reported her appointment on December 10, 2021. She says she will continue to develop what exiting chief Daniel Hawn has accomplished. The video clip ends with the new chief saying, "I think that looking back at everything that we have all experienced over the last few years in particular, now it's about coming together and finding a way forward."

Ex-Mayor Anne Rudin Dies

Anne Rudin, who served as Sacramento's first woman mayor from 1983-1992, died at the age of 97 on Saturday, November 27, 2021. ABC10 covers a brief look at her history and a quote from current Mayor Darrell Steinberg. He mentioned she helped identify how to turn military bases into economic opportunities and was an early supporter of LGBTQ rights. This report also includes quotes from former Mayor Heather Fargo and Rudin's son Jay.

Sac State Defeats UC Davis 27-7 in Causeway Classic

The Sac State Hornets visited the UC Davis Aggies on 11/20/21 at UC Davis Health Stadium. The Hornets entered the game with an 8-3 overall record for the season and went home with a decisive win, beating their rivals 27-7. The victory made the Hornets champions of the Big Sky Conference for the second time in 3 seasons, with the last being 2019. The game started to become a blow-out in the second quarter as the Hornets racked up a 24-0 lead at half time. Hornet QB Jake Dunniway was productive on the ground and in the air with no turnovers. The Hornets generated 436 yards vs. the Aggies' 337 yards. The vistors also dominated time of possession, controlling the ball for nearly 36 minutes.

Sacramento sees increase in deadly pedestrian-involved car collisions

KCRA News reported on Nov. 6, 2021 that Sacramento Police say there's been an increase in local pedestrian deaths the past few years. Police say that 75% of the time pedestrians are at fault. A recent uptick in hit and run crashes, however, indicates drivers are not paying attention and flee the scene to avoid penalty. Sac Police report 13 pedestrian-involved crashes in 2019, then 15 deaths in 2020. So far there have been 18 deaths in 2021. Lynn Dang, 87, was killed by a hit-and-run driver in South Sacramento in 2021, as the community has responded by installing speed bumps.

Sacramento's Changing Skyline

CBS13 reports that the Sacramento skyline is about to transform toward a more neighborhood-friendly downtown area that isn't so government-centric. National-based Southern Land Company, which has been contracted to build luxury residential communities in Philadelphia, has won a contract to build a luxury residential 28-story high-rise in Sacramento on the Capitol Mall. It's the firm's first development deal on the west coast. Due to government work moving remotely, government no longer needs as much office space downtown. The Sac Downtown Partnership currently has 25 new buildings under construction in or around the downtown area, with only 4 to be utilized by government. The Frederic will be the first completed residential project.

Cheetahs Return to Sac Zoo After 20 Years

The Sacramento Zoo has brought back cheetahs, the fastest land mammals on the planet, to the facility after a 20-year absence. The zoo has preserved the natural habitat for a pair of cheetahs and has added a heated area. In recent decades cheetahs have become a threatened species for various reasons.

How Sacramento County Aims To Go Greener

The Sacramento Environmental Commission met on April 19, 2021 to discuss its vision for environmental quality throughout Sacramento County. Some of the issues discussed were environmental justice and sustainability.

Orangevale Club The Boardwalk Is Up For Sale

CBS 13 reports how the owner of the long-running Orangevale rock venue The Boardwalk is putting the club up for sale for $1.2 million. It shut down in 2020 during the pandemic and hasn't reopened. Sandy Silk-Earl owned the venue with her husband Mark, who died of leukemia in November 2020. The venue has served the local music community since the 1980s.

KRCA Shares Delta King Footage 1950s-1990s

The Delta King is part of Sacramento's local history as a long-running steamboat. It provided travel service between San Francisco and Sacramento beginning in 1927 through 1940. Since the 1950s it's been a hotel/restaurant and entertainment venue in Old Sacramento. This 15-minute footage of a KCRA TV special features Melvin Belli and KCRA reporter John Martin. It has been preserved by the Center for Sacramento History.

Golden 1 Center Opens For Kings Games

ABC 10 reports on Golden 1 Center's reopening for Kings games starting April 21, 2021. The reopening marks the first Kings game open to the public in over a year. For the April 20th game the Kings invited 1,600 healthcare professionals to watch them play. Attendance at the NBA games requires proof of vaccine or testing while ticketing has gone digital.

UC Davis Discussion on Black Sacramento

Black Sacramento is the topic of this discussion led by UC Davis Professor Milmon F. Harrison, who teaches courses on African American and African studies. This session covers an hour and twenty minutes. It was uploaded by UC Davis Humanities Institute on April 19, 2021.

Underground Signs and Wonders in Old Sacramento

This Sacramento History Museum video puts the spotlight on hidden treasures of the Old Sacramento Underground Tour throughout April 2021. The 31-minute video posted on April 18th covers gold rush history and reasons why the city built levees along its rivers after severe flooding in 1850, Sacramento's first year as a city.

Newsom Outlines Plan To Reopen

Governor Gavin Newsom announced on April 6, 2021 that California will reopen for business by June 15th, as reported by KCRA. Newsom said, "we'll be getting rid of the blueprint as you know it today." He said he anticipated 30 million people to have been vaccinated by the end of April. He emphasizes "on-going mask vigilance." He further cautioned people to beware of coronavirus variants.

Old Sacramento Redevelopment 1965

KCRA reporter Otis Turner is featured in this classic news feature onOld Sacramento revitalization in 1965. The footage has been preserved by the Center for Sacramento History and was uploaded to YouTube on April 1, 2021. The footage was shot in black and white a year before KCRA introduced Sacramento to color TV. The feature explains how various sites in Old Sacramento tied into American history, such as the California Gold Rush, Pony Express and First Transcontinental Railroad.

Local Hyers Sisters Transformed Theater

CBS Sacramento uncovers the story of two Sacramento sisters who were the first African-American entertainers to take center station. They helped outdate minstrel shows and usher in musical theater. Their names were Anna and Emma Louise Hyers. Their goal was to portray African-Americans with dignity as opposed to how minstrel shows ridiculed the black community.

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