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See classic Sacramento music scene videos 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010 2011 covers artists who are making an impact on local culture as well as the growing independent
music movement. In 2012 SacTV has reviewed videos of performances and interviews by Sacramento musical
acts such as:

Tesla, Papa Roach, Road 88, Tattooed Love Dogs, Sister Crayon, The Kimberly Trip, Ken Koenig, Deer Park Avenue, The Features, Becca Danielsen, Will Haven,
Autumn Sky, Tina Diggs, Ava Lemert and David Eugene Ivey.

The history of the Sacramento Music Scene is told in this expanding series of music videos featuring artists from the region. Everybody has their own take on where the scene has been and where it can go. The most important developments as far as national signings that would be most relevant to people studying Sacramento success stories can be found at this Playlist Research article.

One of Sacramento's most noted writers on local music is David Watts Barton, who served as The Sacramento Bee's pop music critic for many years. Find out his observations about the local scene here.

The Features were a top local band in the 80s. They did a reunion show at Harlows in 2011 with Tattooed Love Dogs, Numomix, Tattooed Love Dogs and Debora Iyall that spawned more 80s reunions. Read about it here.

Kevin Seconds has been a local scene leader since his days with 7 Seconds in the 80s. Check out an inspiring melodic acoustic song called "Oh Rhonda" that he produced using an iPhone here.

Harrison Price talks about the evolution of the Euro dance scene in Sacramento here. Harrison had a few radio and club hits such as "Spiritual Zoo," in which more information can be found here.

Akil's local Homegrown Show on V101.1 for neo-soul artists can be researched here. V101.1 is the station where Don Alias helped elevate the career of Alicia Keys. He also helped Dave Matthews Band get early airplay. Alias now runs a new Sacramento-based internet network, which has deeper information here.

Autumn Larrick is helping artists get exposure once again, this time online. Read about her experience giving airplay to Sacramento artists here.

Find out what happened to 90s local scene radio host Morris Knight, who went on to become a radio star in San Francisco and creates his own unique dance music as Morrission. Read about it here. Another Morrisson article about his early days hanging out with the musicians of Oleander can be read here.

The Sacramento Music Scene in the 90s was very vibrant. Catch an outdoor video of Natalie Cortez & The UltraViolets here. You'll see flashes of Jerry Perry distributing his local publication Alive & Kicking. He also appears as the host in a 1998 extravaganza of several bands at the Crest Theatre, which you can see here.

One of the top local bands of the 1990s was Tattooed Love Dogs, who have hung together in the 2010s. Their 1999 CD release party ot Old Ironsides featuring the song "Place To Run" was felt with loyal spirit and can be researched here.

The Sac scene has had important radio leaders in the past. David Conley was host of KWOD's "Sound of Sacramento" in the 1990s. He also contributed innovative music for the local scene before moving on to entertain crowds in Monterey. One of his more experimental keyboard musical pieces can be found here.

"Waves On The West Coast" was a radio experiment in 1989 that became an actual hit that summer on KWOD. Read about it here.

"Carry Me Back" by Crayon was a local radio hit in 1980 featuring the vocals of Caron Vikre and the production of David Houston. Read about it here.

Sacramento's music scene in the 1960s was so lively many bands made a living as regional artists. Musician and producer Bruce Bolin tells the story. Read about it here.

Artifacts from Sacramento's rock concert history have been preserved by The Sacramento Rock and Radio Museum, headed by Dennis Newhall. Read about it here.

See classic Sacramento music scene videos 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010 2011

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