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River City Videos - Sacramento Local Music Set to American River Scenery

Pride In Peril - Crazy River (river video)
"Crazy River" is a tribute to the River City about never going back, although Johnny Pride has returned on occasion and plans to return again. This song was recorded by his post-Features project Pride In Peril. The video takes us even deeper down the American River from the Watt Avenue Bridge to about a half mile east. Lots of pretty green scenery, bike trails and levees tell this story. Read more about Pride's muscial journey and his band Pride In Peril.
Alex Cosper - The Star Spangled Banner (river video)
"The Star Spangled Banner" has been been recorded many different ways but it's not often you hear an acoustic guitar version of it. Here's a version made by SacTV founder Alex Cosper on July 4, 2012. The performance is followed by peaceful scenes of the American River near La Riviera Drive, where freedom can be felt and enjoyed. The natural scenery highlight's the river's greatest assets: trees, water and birds.
Steve Crowell - Reptilian (river video)
This virtual tour takes us deeper down the American River headed east from the Watt Avenue Bridge. The song is by Steve Crowell, who has done a collection of blues, jazz and surf instrumentals. "Reptilian" has a pulsating energetic electric flavor, making it an appropriate soundtrack for the fast moving westbound waters of the American River.
Ken Koenig - Beautiful Day (river video)
This virtual tour of the American River begins at the levee near the Watt Avenue Bridge, which allows easy access for anyone to visit the river by foot, bicycle or car. The song has an uptempo pop/jazz/soulful flavor. It's from an album called "The Organic Life" which was completed in 2012 after two years in the making.
Nora - Waterways (river video)
Here's a virtual tour that also takes place near the Watt Avenue Bridge on the American River. It features scenery of the underpass. The song "Waterways" is an instrumental by Sacramento band Nora, recording in 1995 for the KWOD Overflow, an album about the river floods that year. The CD was given away at events in exchange for canned food items given to the Red Cross for flood relief.
Tangent Sunset - There Will Always Be Surf (river video)
In early June 2012 the sky was half sunny and half cloudy. This virtual tour captures the mixed scenery along the north end of the American River near the Arden area. The instrumental song was written by Alex Cosper and kicks off the series of River City videos set to local music. The video is titled "Scenes from the American River."

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