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Who Is Lou Gallagher?
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Review: Men Are So Smart (Video Series) "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on December 7, 2017

YouTube has opened the door for video programs of any length to explore issues beyond what's reported in mainstream news. While traditional media still hangs on to the largest audiences, independent media has surged in relevance this century, providing people with more deeper views into issues.

Lou Gallagher currently does a Saturday morning radio show about classic cars in Sacramento called K-HITS Garage on 101.5 K-HITS. His radio career goes back to the 80s when he was part of the Morning Zoo on FM 102. He recently launched a video show called Men Are So Smart. Lou talks about cars and a broader range of issues and news stories. The show gets its name from the theme of men who "think like men." Lou and his co-host Corvette Ronnie are inviting others, including women, to be on the show to voice their views.

The video show seeks to discuss the differences between men and women. In the first show in March 2017 Lou introduced himself and reflected on his background, how he moved from New Jersey to California. Lou and Ronnie have since made several other videos as the series continuously explores different topics of the day. They share research and have down to earth conversations about modern lifestyle.

Unlike the immature exchanges commonly seen on cable talk shows, Men As So Smart keeps disagreement on a friendly level. The show injects humor at times, while mainly focusing on issues that appeal to men that the co-hosts think women will enjoy. An example is the episode called "Dating Advice from the 1930s."

The show has evolved in its production for the Gallagher Entertainment YouTube channel. Lou's Sacramento radio fans will want to explore the over one hundred videos that he and Ronnie have made so far. In Episode 158 called "You ARE Being Watched" they discuss public places where security cameras are hidden, such as elevators. In Episode 155 the two introduce a new feature called "Not Real News," which explores fake claims in the news.

You can find out a lot of information from the show that you probably won't find in regular headlines. The co-hosts give their genuine opinions so there's no hidden agenda. It's mainly an informative show that touches on relationships and what's going on in pop culture.

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