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Alex Cosper Interviews Jenn Rogar
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published on YouTube on October 3, 2013

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Interview with Jenn Rogar "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on October 3, 2013

Jenn Rogar is a Sacramento folk artist who has many social messages to share in her music. We met at Weatherstone in Midtown for an outdoor chat about how her music career is developing. She has just released a new CD called The River and has been playing live shows frequently in Sacramento. As an activist she attends City Council meetings and is currently promoting Safeground, a nonprofit set up to help the homeless. She'll be performing at the State Capitol for the March Agaist Monsanto rally on October 12 to protest Monsanto and genetically modified organisms in food.

He music blends folk, blues and country on her latest CD, which has more elaborate musical arrangements than her 2008 debut CD Place Called Humanity. She's been singing since high school when she grew up in Auburn. By the late 1990s she began writing a lot of songs and performing in public. She says she's trying to help develop a folk scene in Sacramento and wants to do Sunday daytime shows.

She says she has about 60 original songs in her repertoire and many of those songs she hasn't even recorded yet. She began making her first recordings in 2007 and and then returned to the studio after a four year break. At one point she studied law, thinking she wanted to be a lawyer, but eventually realized law wasn't what she wanted to do, but music was, which she balances with teaching. Eventually she wants to focus on music full time. Her target date for retiring from teaching to become a full time musician is 2020.

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