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Alex Cosper - What This City Needs
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published on YouTube on September 9, 2013

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What This City Needs "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on September 9, 2013

"What This City Needs" is a song I wrote about three things that can help improve small business in Sacramento: organic food trucks, virtual offices and mobile pop up shops. The song may have come from my imagination but these three types of businesses didn't. They are booming businesses in bigger cities. Part of the reason they are booming is because they don't require much overhead and they serve demands that already exist in major markets.

Organic Food Trucks - the organic food industry is booming and is expected to keep on growing due to health concerns. Even Monsanto has to be concerned about the growing opposition to genetically modified food. Profits for organic food have been skyrocketing in recent years, especially for Whole Foods Market, in which there are only a few stores in Sacramento. Instead of people spending extra money on gas to drive across town for organic shopping, an organic food truck can make scheduled stops in key locations, just like Light Rail or Regional Transit busses.

Virtual Offices - they save office space and can dramatically cut down a business' office rental. If your business operates completely in the cloud, you may not need an office at all except for a place to put your computer. So many businesses have become digitized that there's no need to waste money and energy on big office spaces. But there will still be a demand to have a fixed location, which can be a center that provides business services such as copy machines, fax machines and computers with various office software programs. These services can be shared, much like in a hotel.

Pop Up Shops - mobile businesses that exist temporarily to showcase their brand, similar to a trade show booth. This type of mobile store helps even online businesses achieve contact with clients. The idea is that in the modern world physical location is not as important as internet location, but it's still healthy to interact with customers - at various locations.

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