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Russ Solomon Interview on Charr Crail's Art
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published on YouTube on August 23, 2013

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duration 3:38 minutes

Russ Solomon Interview on Charr Crail's Art "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on August 23, 2013

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Charr Crail is a freelance photographer and digital artist who launched "The Legacy Project" at the Vanguard on August 22, 2013 to showcase her digital photographic art of 14 influential Sacramento figures who have made huge contributions to the Sacramento community. One of the honorees is Tower Records founder Russ Solomon, who gives his reaction to her artwork in this SacTV video. He thinks her type of digital art, which creatively enhances photography in Photoshop, is a new direction for the artform and causes people to pay attention.

The other honorees, whose portraits are all presented in this video, include Governor Jerry Brown, author Maria Shriver, painter Gregory Kondos, Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra Conductor Michael Morgan, Olympic champion Summer Sanders, Poet Laureate Jeff Knorr, radio personality Tom Sullivan, Vanguard nightclub owner Bob Simpson, innovator Andrea Lepore, singer/songwriter SAMMIE winner Larisa Bryski, Tesla bassist Brian Wheat, former state Assembly Speaker Willie Brown and political strategist Jason Kinney.

Solomon himself is an artist, in addition to leading one of America's most popular record store chains for over four decades. Charr did a series of interviews at the Vanguard event for SacTV. Her husband, local artist and music teacher Chris Goslow, was also at the event and will be featured in the upcoming interview series about his wife's art. Charr has been on the local scene for many years, working with bands and other creative people who hire her as a freelance photographer or digital artist. She was also a community photographer for the Sacramento Bee. Some of the other publications her photojournalism has appeared in include The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Orange County Register, The National Enquirer and others.

Working with Photoshop on her Mac, Charr transforms photographs into amazing digital artwork. She gives lessons about this process and helps other artists learn to express themselves. She is an excellent choice for musicians who need help with cover art or businesses who want to enhance their visual image.

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