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The Loud Family - Soul Drain
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Davis 80s Music
published on YouTube on Jan. 24, 2009

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Loud Family
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Scott Miller is remembered by family, friends and fans not just for his music, but for his friendly personality and inspiring intellect. The song "Soul Drain" by his band The Loud Family is one of many powerful songs that showcase his ability to think outside the box and bring new ideas to energetic pop/rock music. His several albums were filled with equally as unique and profoundly poetic songs.

He grew up in Sacramento and entered UC Davis in 1979. While attending the campus, he formed the band Alternate Learning, who broke up the following year in 1980. While still at UC Davis he started Game Theory in 1981 and the band played several clubs in Davis and Sacramento. Early members included Fred Juhos, Michael Erwin and Nan Becker, who had known Scott since childhood.

The Davis version of Game Theory broke up in 1983 then Scott moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1984 and put together the band's new lineup, which consisted of Shelley LaFreniere on keyboards, Suzi Ziegler on bass and Gil Ray on drums. After Suzi left the band in 1985, Scott's girlfriend Donnette Thayer and her friend Gui Gassuan joined the band. Donnette's other band was called The Veil.

Miller wrote most of the material for Game Theory, although he allowed some contributions from other members occasionally. Donnette, for example, contributed a few songs for the album Lolita Nation. She originally sang the songs in The Veil.

Friends have described Scott's personality as "emotionally restrained," as he was not the type of guy who would talk about his day to day life. He revealed his intelligence to friends with subtlety. He also had a great sense of genuine humor. He was progressive in his views, but mainly cynical about politics, which can be felt in his Game Theory song "Throwing the Election."

"He could be sweet and kind, generous and enlightened," remembers Donnette's husband Robert Toren, "but working with a genius was tough - and band members had to put up with the difficulties because they loved to play his great songs." But his friends did not consider him to be egotistical or self-serving. They considered him to be more of an artist with a huge heart dedicated to his craft. He encouraged other musicians to be great at their craft as well. Musically, Scott created complex melodies set to playful, funny, smart lyrics.

Game Theory did not make the national charts but approached the threshold of national popularity after being signed to Enigma Records and working with R.E.M.'s producer Mitch Easter. Unfortunately, Engima went bankrupt and so the band broke up in 1989. Scott formed The Loud Family in 1991 and worked with various musicians in the Bay Area. The band released a wealth of innovative and melodic rock music throughout the next few decades. Following Scott Miller's untimely death on April 15, 2013 about a week after his 53rd birthday, his fans have made it clear that his life and music will be long remembered.

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