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The Loud Family - Don't Respond, She Can Tell
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Davis 80s Music
published on YouTube on Nov. 4, 2008

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Loud Family
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The Loud Family: Mixing Art and Politics "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on July 24, 2013

Follow-up to Remembering Scott Miller (1960-2013)

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"Don't Respond, She Can Tell" is a unique song by The Loud Family featuring Scott Miller on vocals. The song and video were very creative. The song was released on Alias Records in 1996. The black and white video showcases a lot of constantly changing images that convey pop culture satire. The song unloads a lot of subtle undertones about politics and the darker side of social conformity. It's one of the most artistic songs any indie band has crafted about the strangeness of society. The song mentions burning rice fields, which was a big issue among people in the know in the 90s, affecting the price of rice while adding to air pollution. The title points to the public's lack of concern about such issues.

Scott Miller's philosophical mindset was toward progressive leanings. He was very knowledgeable of politics and issues affecting the population whether they knew about it or not. This song was crafted before the internet opened people's minds more to self-education instead of just conforming to pop culture delivered by a narrow set of national networks. The video makes fun of television junkies by showing a head crashed through a TV set. At that time only a fraction of society would have gotten the joke because most of society was hypnotized by television and simply absorbed its redundant and mundane messages.

Paul Stanley Niklewicz, who played bass for The Veil, which opened for Scott's previous band Game Theory, explained how once he and others ate at Murder Burger in Davis and had a conversation about fast food. Scott said at this meeting that he refused to patronize a particular fast food restaurant that he associated with fascism. "So I asked what's a fascist?" said Paul in his online message to me about Scott Miller memories, "because I didn't know."

"Well, everyone at the table just laughed and said 'good one, Paul! What's a fascist? Silly boy!' Naturally, I played it off like I was joking. But I wasn't. Feeling completely insipid and uninformed, I made a mental note to look 'fascist' up in the dictionary.

"Then my number got called and I got up to retrieve my food. For some reason, Scott went with me. He started talking to me. Specifically and exclusively to me. He slowed the pace at which he was walking and I followed suit. In the 75-90 seconds it took us to leave our table to grab my tray and return, I understood the basics of fascism vs communism and right wing vs left wing, what side the Democrats stood and what side the Republicans stood ... Scott Miller managed to teach me in 90 seconds what the San juan Unified School District failed to teach me in 12 years."

Read more about the Scott Miller Tribute at Shine Cafe in this Sacramento Press article.

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