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The Loud Family - Last Honest Face
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Davis 80s Music
published on YouTube on June 24, 2009

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Loud Family
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The Loud Family - Last Honest Face "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on July 23, 2013

Follow-up to Remembering Scott Miller (1960-2013)

The Loud Family - Last Honest Face
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Scott Miller's band The Loud Family made their mark in the 1990s in Northern California, notably Sacramento, Davis and the Bay Area. His band Game Theory had been signed to Enigma Records in the 1980s before the label went bankrupt. The Loud Family formed in 1991 and continued throughout the last decade. Sadly, Miller's career was cut short due to his untimely death in April of this year. I was able to gather quotes about him from his friends following the tribute for him Saturday night, July 20, at Shine Cafe. This live performance captures one of the band's most artistic songs. Below are some thoughts by fellow musicians who knew him.

Johnny Pride, The Features

"Scott and I were friends and we both loved the band Big Star, which I had discovered through a review in Creem magazine. Scott and I had conversations about Big Star, particularly about Alex Chilton's lyrics (which he straightened me out about a time or two). We communicated a bit over the last decade, Scott always candid and lamenting not being able to make music his primary vocation. He said that he loved The Features' song 'Last Rites.' I was flattered.

"I think Game Theory were perfect for (R.E.M. producer) Mitch Easter's approach, and with Don Dixon, it could be that much better. Scott understood then what it took Robert Pollard and Guided By Voices fans years to figure out - that it's all about the song and delivery, not about who's producing, that grabs us from the inside and won't let go. I just read the new issue of New York Magazine. Pages 54 & 56 are dedicated to celebrated film maker Andrew Bujalski's biggest influences. Coming in at #16 is Scott Miller and Game Theory's Real Nighttime album!"

Paul Stanley Niklewicz, The Veil

"Aside from sharing the bill with Game Theory as bass player in Donnette Thayer's band The Veil, I never played with Scott Miller. He and Donnette had always had a complicated and intense relationship with one another. My influence on Scott was negligible. I like to think I was the least troublesome of the bunch. Scott always said that he is happy to share information with anyone who never asks the same question twice.

"I cannot say Scott and I were close friends at all. He never went out of his way for me, nor should he have. One thing, however, he always recognized when I was blindsided by ignorance. He would always kind of drift my direction and tell me exactly what i didn't know. What made an action or practice ethical or when artistic license becomes plagiarism or even worse just plain cheesy. Concepts like less is more and why it is never wrong to be cognizant of your own abilities and to work well and be proud of knowing what you do is the best you can be because the self pride that comes from a job well done, perfect by your own standards will forever ring true.

"Scott didn't merely share a bunch of data with some dumb kid because he is so smart and knows so much, he shared what he believed and practiced himself. My departure from the Veil was abrupt and unceremonious and I never spoke to Scott again, for no other reason than i wasn't around anymore.

"Scott's passing left a void that will never truly be filled again. Because If he gave so much to me, just a goofy kid who played bass in a band that was led by someone he was rather smitten with at the time, just imagine what he gave to those who really loved him, that he really loved back."

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