video title: Chris Goslow Medley
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published on YouTube on March 25, 2013

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duration 6:46 minutes

Chris Goslow's Acoustic Rap/Love Song Medley "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on March 25, 2013

Chris Goslow performs a medley of two songs he has written called "Snuggle Bunny" and "Here With You I'm Home." The first song is a rap tribute to his wife, photographer Charr Crail and has a bouncy rhythm. The second song is more of a soft ballad. The combination of the two songs creates an interesting creative synergy that covers new ground for contemporary music. "Snuggle Bunny" mixes rap verses with melodic choruses, telling the adventures of his love life. It's a unique transition to go from upbeat rap to a soft ballad, but what ties the two songs together is the lyrical theme. As a classically trained musician, Chris adds a traditional flavor to the entire performance. It may be the first medley of its kind with these influences fusing together. The concept of acoustic rap alone is somewhat revolutionary since rap has been around for over three decades and there really has not yet been a big hit using this type of arrangement. Chris enjoys exploring a wide terrain of music beyond classical, pop, rock and hip hop.

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