video title: Mike Lidskin Interviews Alex Cosper Part 1
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published on YouTube on Jan. 20, 2013

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Twirl Radio Interviews Tangent Sunset "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on January 21, 2013

Sacramento is lucky to have a few open minded public radio stations that reflect what's going on in the community. One of those stations is 88.7 The Voice, where Mike Lidskin does his weekly Saturday show called Twirl Radio. After I interviewed Mike before his show on Saturday, January 19, he interviewed me on his show. It was a treat to bring my guitar and play one of my original songs called "Sky Blue Heaven." Not only was this one of the best interviews anyone has done with me, it made me realize independent shows like this are rare.

I've explored public radio around the nation with my other website and found that not every city offers their community of local artists a chance to express themselves on the air. California happens to be ahead of the curve than many places when it comes to public radio, although some of the best public stations are mainly found in big cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. This interview captures the essence of public radio welcoming the local scene.

Twirl Radio Interview Series: Mike Lidskin and Alex Cosper

Below are a series of interviews between Mike and me. In the first one Mike interviewed me in January 2012. A year later I returned to Twirl Radio as Mike and I interviewed each other on January 19, 2013.

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4. Twirl Radio Interviews Tangent Sunset (1/19/2013)
5. Reflecting on KWOD and the 90s (1/19/2013)
6. Alex Cosper performs "Sky Blue Heaven" (1/19/2013)

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