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published on YouTube Jan. 4, 2013

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Exploring the Internet Video Industry "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on January 4, 2013

Independent Filmmaker Rick Gott started a web video series called Dark Pool in late 2011 and it's still alive in 2013. The deeper we get into the series, the more we learn about dark side of the financial world and how it affects many lives beyond the physical world. The series uses many new approaches to making movies for the web. Rick explains how a new industry is emerging from the development of web technology and low cost video cameras. In this new era of homegrown media, a few blips on the revenue radar are appearing to form interesting business models: web video series and short videos. Investors are starting to populate Hollywood and are paying producers to create a vast amount of web content such as ongoing dramatic shows like Dark Pool.

Now that many people have been empowered with low cost video equipment, a blossoming community of independent videographers is developing. Although many people have not yet capitalized on their online video efforts as of early 2013, there are strands of evidence that money can be made from videos made for the web. The models so far have been investors and contributors pay for upfront costs or he pays for costs himself. Rick says he wants many careers to result from the school where he teaches Fine Arts, Natomas Charter School. This video, recorded on Friday, Jan. 4 in Sacramento is the first of a series of interviews with Rick.

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