video title: Selecting Positive Pop Artist Stories
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video source: SacTVnews
published on YouTube Dec. 16, 2012

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duration 4:49 minutes

Selecting Pop Artist Stories "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on December 16, 2012

This video explores the selection process of artists for the book Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone? Jeff March explains that he and co-author Marti Smiley Childs went about deciding which artists to include for their book on 60s/70s pop stars. He says they wanted to make sure the stories led to a positive outcome. They also weeded out the artists who wanted to get paid, since the book is essentially free publicity for the artists. They further narrowed the list based on who was available for phone interviews. This video segment captures the post-presentation segment of the evening, held at the Avid Reader in Davis on December 8, 2012. More information about the writers and their books can be found at

Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone?
60s/70s Pop Music Research
Interviews of Pop Legends
Electronic Pop and the Mellotron
Selecting Pop Artist Stories
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