video title: Recording Production Analysis with Jay Shaner
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published on YouTube Dec. 6, 2012

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Recording Production Analysis with Jay Shaner "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on December 6, 2012

Sacramento indie recording artist Jay Shaner explains how he has learned about the recording process through making his most recent CD called Ruth. He spent over a year recording the album, making sure it was up to his standards. He believes there are multiple ways to record but which ever route an artist goes they should consider the limitations and the benefits of the medium they are using to generate the final product. He prefers to keep his music organic sounding, but understands the tools of electronic processing. One of the ways he stays organic is by focusing on takes that in which he is happy with the overall performance as opposed to what today's pop producers do, which is cover up mistakes with mixing and effects. Jay will be playing his songs at the Fox and Goose Restaurant tonite, Thursday, You can sample some of Jay Shaner's music at

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