video title: KZAP Returns on KDVS Part 1: Michael Taber
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published on YouTube Nov. 8, 2012

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KZAP Returns on KDVS Part 1: Michael Taber "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on November 8, 2012

The legendary freeform rock station KZAP returned to the Sacramento dial for a three day reunion starting on November 8, 2012. KZAP jocks took over UC Davis college station 90.3 KDVS to celebrate KZAP's 44th birthday. The station had a diverse history during its lifetime from November 1968 through January 1992. It started as a freeform station. By the early 70s it became more of a structured rock station with freeform elements. Throughout the 80s the station played the biggest rock artists and was one of the biggest stations in town. Jeff Hughson, KZAP's original music director, set the schedule of jocks that included Edd Fong and Charlie Weiss, as shown in this schedule. Other jocks on the schedule include Ed Fitzgerald, Noreen, Don Wright, Dennis Newhall, Tom Cale, Bruce Riordan, Jock Taft, David Turner, Zachariah, Kenny Wardell, Jack Normal, William Fuller and Beth Underwood.

I interviewed one of KDVS' program directors, Michael Taber, who explained how the station maintains a cutting edge philosophy, letting volunteer jocks play what they want on the air. He talked about how the KZAP reunion was very special to KDVS.

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