video title: Monetizing Local Video Production
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published on YouTube Oct. 28, 2012

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Monetizing Local Video Production "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on October 28, 2012

Can home movies and local videos be monetized? It depends who you ask. The problem is, not many experts know the real answer in 2012. Frank Casanova, however, owner of The Studio Center, shares some insight about the potential ways to make money from visual production in the future. At present, there are some pioneers who have figured out how to make a business out of it, but it takes knowledge of web tools and marketing.

Frank mentions some local figures who have taken the video/web business by surprise. He also gives details on where the industry is going and possible ways to make money off your own videos. Frank runs his own production facility that makes high end industrial videos and is the Executive Producer of the short film Underwater, along with many other short films. The idea of making a living off local productions is challenging at the moment, but Frank believes paths are now being paved for the future in which producers will find ways to monetize their videos.

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