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Local Filmmaking in the Digital Age "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on October 27, 2012

Earlier in the month I interviewed Frank Casanova, owner of The Studio Center, about today's state of filmmaking in the Sacramento region. Not only does he run the city's finest video and film production facility for local industrial videos, he is the Executive Producer of the short film Underwater, which was written and produced by Frank Ingram. The film was featured at the Crest Theatre on October 7 for Access Sacramento's A Place Called Sacramento film festival. Frank explains the importance of bringing serveral people together for such a production. Although he does not foresee Sacramento becoming a big place for making major films, he thinks it's an excellent place for smaller production and stock footage.

Frank views the digital age as an opportunity for local producers because the internet makes the finished product more accessible for an audience. Even for movies theaters, such as The Crest, the digital age has allowed major films to be produced and distributed more efficiently. Instead of creating thousands of prints for thousands of theaters, filmmakers can now upload videos to theaters via satellite. This system makes it easy to edit updated versions that don't require mass production. I did not realize that these days when you watch a movie at theater you are really watching a video on a giant screen. We also talk about how the internet has changed attitudes about the art itself. This interview leads into another interview to be posted about marketing local videos.

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