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published on YouTube Oct. 26, 2012

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A Local Film called Underwater "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on October 26, 2012

Underwater is one of the finest short films made in Sacramento the past year. The film captures local scenery artfully, especially river shots. Written and produced by Frank Ingram, the film's Executive Producer was Frank Casanova of The Studio Center. The film is only ten minutes long because it was an entry in Access Sacramento's A Place Called Sacramento film festival, which was presented October 1 at The Crest Theatre.

The festival required each of the lcoally-based films to be ten minutes. In many ways Underwater went the extra mile to focus on the current economic crisis, in which a family faces foreclosure on a home that had lost half its value from the recession. The family decides to go on a picnic at the river, where their daughter falls into the water. The event brings them closer together despite the clock ticking down on their foreclosure.

The music has a beautifully haunting feel, created by Belton Mouras, Jr. and sung by Laura Marina. Casting included Marc Gardner, Kelly Ogden, Piper Gardner, Belton Mouras, Jr., Gloria Jones, Dolores Mouras and Susana Perez. The film was directed by Leo McElroy. Like many short films, the story moves quickly, but delivers a deep message. Its inspiring cinematography shows that Sacramento does have quality filmmakers who can deliver visual arts on par with other major cities.

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