video title: Sacramento Video Production Tour with Frank Casanova
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video source: SacTVnews
published on YouTube Oct. 2, 2012

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duration 7:40 minutes

Sacramento Video Production Tour with Frank Casanova "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on October 3, 2012

Frank Casanova takes us on a virtual tour of The Studio Center, soon to be called The Studio Media Center, a high quality video production facility in Sacramento. He explains technical aspects of video production and why you would want to use a room with zero horizon lines, which divide the floor and walls. He talks about lighting and chroma key green or green screen, which is used to separate foreground and background images. Chroma key allows superimposing a foreground on a desired background that may not be present at the time of a video shoot.

Frank explains why green is used, although any color can technically be used for chroma key. He also talks about how his props are developed by Louis Warfield of Rhino Design. Learn more about The Studio Center from this interview with Frank Casanova.

Create professional media in Sacramento

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