video title: Alex Cosper Interviews Frank Casanova
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published on YouTube Oct. 2, 2012

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duration 6:31 minutes

Frank Casanova Interview on Video Production "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on October 2, 2012

When I think of Sacramento video production the first name that comes to mind is Frank Casanova, who owns and operates The Studio Center at 915 Fee Drive alongside Highway 160 near Cal Expo. The production facility has made countless television commercials, not just on Sacramento TV stations, but other markets as well. This interview marks the first in a series about the type of video production that Frank is involved with at his facility.

Some big names have come through his studio, which he mentions in the interview. Frank explains how his clients, which tend to be corporations who need industrial videos, prefer archiving the production in the digital format. The Studio Center has been the creative home of many local films that have appeared in Access Sacramento's A Place Called Sacramento Film Festival. It was also the site of Sacramento's first 24 hour internet radio station in 2000, which I ran, called SacLive.

Frank Casanova Interview Series

1. Video Production
2. Tour of The Studio Center
3. A Local Film Called Underwater
4. Local Filmmaking in the Digital Age
5. Monetizing Local Video Production
6. Political TV Advertising Analysis

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