video title: Sacramento Music of the 20th Century
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published on YouTube August 26, 2012

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Sacramento Historian William Burg #3: 20th Century Music "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on August 25, 2012

In our third of six interviews recorded August 23, 2012, William Burg talks about the history of the local music scene starting in the 1920s. He talks about the development of jazz bands through the forties then rock and roll in the fifties. He says in the 20s there were many "Speak Easies" and that local restaurant owners had to provide an underground for subcultures. During the 20s Sacramento had one of the largest Japanese populations of any city in the country, which led to many Japanese artists in the region at that time.

After the birth of rock, Sacramento was an early supporter of surf music. Since Sacramento provided an enthusiastic reponse to the surf craze, the Beach Boys decided to record a live album at the Memorial Auditorium in the early 60s. Burg also talks about how the Alhambra Theater was a popular local band venue through the 70s. Burg, who has written four books on local history, also is involved with putting together local events such as Soca Home Tour 2012 and Norcal Noisefest 2012.

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