video title: Cultural Dissolve - Transcentury Detour (drive video)
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video source: SacTVnews
published on YouTube June 3, 2012

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duration 2:54 minutes

Cultural Dissolve - Transcentury Detour (drive video) "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on June 3, 2012

"Transcentury Detour" is an instrumental surf theme that was used as the title track of a KWOD compilation CD about clean air quality. Cultural Dissolve was actually my band The Beat Villains featuring me on guitar, Jason Smith on bass and Jim Brasier on drums. This song was our opener at several shows. I came up with this song and the title before I came up with the concept for the KWOD compilation, which featured all local artists including Tattooed Love Dogs, Cherry Murmur, Sketch Olives, Chance The Gardener, David Conley's band Taint, Naja Davis and Love Symphony. The CD was given away free at station events and was never officially put on the market, although you're bound to find copies on eBay. The song is much different than standard surf formula that revolve around three familiar chords. Read more about how drive videos are starting to match local music with local street scenes.

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