video title: The Features: Sacramento Indie Success Story
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published on YouTube May 24, 2012

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The Features: Sacramento Indie Success Story "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on May 25, 2012

This video documnetary of The Features is the third in a series about the indie band that got a lot of attention from the Sacramento press in the 1980s. Johnny Pride tells the story of the band in "The Features Return to Sacramento" part 1 and part 2. This video serves as part 3 of the series as Pride talks about the album and how it attracted music industry attention. But it was during a time when the music industry was going through big changes. Part 4 (titled "A Musical Journey with The Features as Told by Johnny Pride") is the climax of the story that leads to Johnny's other band Pride In Peril, who were featured in the Oliver Stone film The Doors in the scene where the crowd is throwing fruit at them as the opening band performing the Barry McGuire song "Eve of Destruction."

The Features were successful because they pulled off what every band tries to do but only a small percentage achieve: to make a record that sells. After years of playing live shows they finally decided to put an album out in 1983. it sold very well on regional sales charts. Tower's Pulse Magazine charted it as high as #2 regionally and #58 nationally. The album was called Up Up Side Side and was a collection of the band's staple songs from shows such as "Misfits" and "Silvertone Angel." Read more about alternative music at Playlist Research.

The Features perform "Silvertone Angel" in 1984 in Sacramento.
The Features perform their reggae-flavored left-leaning anthem "Swing Right" in 1984.
The Features perform their rockin' anti-corporate tribute called "No Rock N' Roll Radio" in the mid 1980s.

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