video title: Alex Cosper Interviews Autumn Larrick
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video source: SacTVnews
published on YouTube May 12, 2012

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duration 9:53 minutes

Autumn Larrick Jumps From Radio to Internet "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on May 12, 2012

A funny thing happened to Autumn Larrick in her transition from stand up comedy to radio. She discovered that comedy was not quite as fun as playing music on the air. She was the late night host on alternative station KWOD 106.5 in Sacramento for many years. She also hosted the local music show "The Sound of Sacramento" from 1997 to 2003. Funny how she kept the original name of the show, which suggested Sacramento was a community that came together, whereas after her departure from the indie station the new corporate leaders changed the name to "Sounds of Sac," implying a market divided into separate entities. KWOD was a community force as an indie but suffered ratings erosion under corporate rule, which orchestrate a series of changes and miscues leading to its demise.

In this interview Autumn talks about how she found local music for her show. She now works for a start-up internet radio company run by Don Alias called 1musicnetwork. On her channel she plays whatever she wants from the world alternative/rock music. This network features two other former KWOD personalities: Rex McNeill and Charlee Simons. Another host is Akil, who currently works at V101.1 playing urban music. 1musicnetwork currently has 16 music channels covering various genres and is set to become one of the first internet radio statons that can be picked up in your car. Read more about radio and music history at Playlist Research.

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