video title: Sacramento Music Scene 1998
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video source: SacTVnews
published on YouTube May 4, 2012

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duration 5:16 minutes

Sacramento Music Scene 1998: Crest Theatre with Jerry Perry "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on May 4, 2012

Jerry Perry has been one of Sacramento's most active local concert promoters for many years. He appears in this video rediscovered in 2012 Jim Brasier and I shot this video on November 25, 1998 at the Crest Theatre, where Jerry put on an all day festival with the top bands of the local scene at that time. The footage shows scenes of Jerry announcing several bands as well as performance shots of Vertigo, Her 6 Daughters, Grub Dog, Natalie Cortez, Go National, Hannah Lingrell, Tattooed Love Dogs and Rusty Miller's Crash Course. Other mug shots include David Houston, Gwamba from Okra Pickles, Laurie from Her 6 Daughters and Vincent Montoya from Tattooed Love Dogs.The show was successful at filling the Crest.

According to Jerry's announcement of bands, the festival roster included Nothing, Phallacy, Vertigo, The Knockoffs, Anton Barbeau, Her 6 Daughters, Beatrice 9, Natalie Cortez & The UltraViolets, Hannah Lingrell, Orisha, Grub Dog, Tattooed Love Dogs, Rusty Miller's Crash Course, Toadmortons, Gabe Nelson, Broken Thing, Magnolia Thunderfinger, Go National, Deathray, Sex 66, Okra Pickles and The Brodys. Read more about independent music at Playlist Research.

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