video title: Tattooed Love Dogs: Place To Run (Live)
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video source: SacTVnews
published on YouTube May 1, 2012

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duration 6:42 minutes

Tattooed Love Dogs: Place To Run (Live) "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on May 1, 2012

Sacramento local music scene history can be summed up with a handful of bands such as Tattooed Love Dogs, who have performed in town every decade since the eighties. By the mid-nineties they enjoyed regular airplay on alternative station KWOD. Their song "Sea to Shining Sea" was one of the first local hits to blast out of the Sunday night local show into regular rotation around the time Cake started getting frequent airplay on the station. Then they released a monumental album in 1999 called Oklahomadejaneiro that was filled with rich, melodic rockers that rivaled any national album in artistic credibility at that time. One of the songs from that collection was "Place To Run."

This video captures the band performing the song at Old Ironsides celebrating the release of that album on April 3, 1999. The performance showcases everything about the band that has made them a long lasting local sensation: great vocals, harmonies, musicianship, songwriting and the party atmosphere all of it creates. "Place To Run" could've been a national hit had a few things been different in the radio industry. The song itself is powerful enough to stand up as one of the city's all-time best tunes. It was written by singer/guitarists Mike Blanchard, Vinnie Montoya, bassist Peter Gandesbery and drummer Larry Schiavone. Scott George adds guitar in this classic performance. The video opens with Dave Whitaker, who engineered, mixed and mastered the album at his recording facility, Studio Z. Read more about independent music at Playlist Research.

Buried deep in the Sacramento's history are many other Americana-sounding bands, but not that many can claim the consistent loyal following that Tattooed Love Dogs have enjoyed over the decades. Each of the members have dabbled in other bands as well. Blanchard's other project is called Californios, while Montoya has worked on Seventy, featuring other well known local musicians. While rumors often circulate about upcoming Love Dog shows, the band seems committed to longevity, as one of the region's all time longest running bands.

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