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Tony Cox Explains Audience Perception and Meeting Paul McCartney "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on April 16, 2012

Media audiences, especially people who listen to radio, shape their own individual perceptions of media content based on their backgrounds. Sacramento radio personality Tony Cox explains the relationship between radio personalities and their audiences from this video interview we did back in April 2000. Times have changed slightly since the interview now that radio has moved toward more automation and less personality. Cox says any good entertainer must be spontaneous, even if the dialogue is scripted. He suggests that pure spontaneity is somewhat of a lost artform in an age where formulaic programming and packaging began to overshadow content. Cox says some of the besy material he's done on radio was perceived lots of different ways.

Cox recalls when he met Paul McCartney in 1975 and how he asked the former Beatles what was his biggest challenge. McCartney responded that he wished people could hear the music in his head since its recordings don't always come out how he wants. He also told the future KROY/Sacramento morning man that people would tell the musician they knew what his songs meant, yet their perceptions were always different from McCartney's intent. "If what he has up there is even better than what he's been able to make available to us, then it must be just amazing," says Cox. Part of the mystique of the Beatles revolved around the sonic layers of the "hidden messasges" that fans perceived in their music.

Cox reminds us that "everyone who perceives talent should be able to perceive it thier own way. That's what makes it special to them. A song that I love that a buddy of mine may love too - it's two different reasons why we love that song. It may spark the same response from two different individuals but the processing - the data that makes that right for me and him - are different, even though the person who presented that may have not have intended for any of that to happen. It's fascinating, it's magic." Cox then gives more details how he met Paul McCartney. Read more about Sacramento local music history here.

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