video title: Sacramento's First Internet Radio Station: SacLive 1999-2000
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Sacramento's First Internet Radio Station: SacLive 1999-2000 "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on April 14, 2012

Internet radio was still under the radar in 1999, although being the year Napster rose to give millions of music fans free music illegally it was something the music industry was aware of and didn't exactly support. That's why I decided to keep the music local when I launched a website called Sacramento Music Scene in 1999, which became Sacramento's first internet radio station. It was covered by local media (KCRA, KXTV, The Sacramento Bee) and was the cover story of a magazine called California Computer News in October 1999. In 2000 the Bee entered a promotional partnership with the station, which changed its name to SacLive when it broke out of automation with live hosts Kevin Seconds, Amp Gouvea, Warren Bishop, Vyan Walton and Froggy from UC Davis station KDVS.

The station remained online until June 28, 2000 when scenes of this video were made. It went dark because I had a job offer to write full-time for a radio/music industry publication, VirtuallyAlternative, which I had been writing for since I left KWOD 106.5 as Program Director four years earlier. My business partner also had other work going on, so we both agreed to pull the plug on the site, despite developing a following of over 3,000 people per week. Unfortunately as soon as that happened, Clear Channel took over the magazine and ordered a hiring freeze. I was out of work for about six months until I finally chose to move to the Bay Area, where I ended on the radio again on KNGY (Energy 92.7).

SacLive was a fun station that played hundreds of different songs from the local scene. It was at the time when the Deftones were emerging as a platinum artist and Sacramento seemed to be in the music industry spotlight following the successes of Cake, Oleander and Papa Roach. I chose people from the local scene who knew a lots of bands, much like how freeform radio stations of the 60s and 70s (such as KZAP and KSFM) only hired musicologists who also happened to be good storytellers.

Although SacLive was Sacramento's first internet radio station, Jamie Mangrum developed a local music website in 1997 called Digimag that featured local band profiles. He even started doing live internet broadcasts from nightclubs such as Harlows and The Cattle Club. The first live concert he delivered online featured my band The Beat Villains at Harlows in April 1997. I also hosted a few DJ shows on the weekend, along with other local scene hosts. But it was SacLive that became the first 24 hour internet station in town, starting in June 1999. Read more about the Sacramento music scene at Playlist Research. It was also the first internet station ever to devote its entire programming to the music of Sacramento.

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