video title: Sacramento Rock Museum Interview with Dennis Newhall
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uploaded on YouTube Apr. 13, 2012

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Sacramento Rock Museum:
Interview with Dennis Newhall "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on April 13, 2012

The Sacramento Rock and Radio Museum is an archive of Sacramento concert posters, pictures and other artifacts from the latter part of the 21st century. The museum is a showcase of the collector Dennis Newhall, who worked on-air at KZAP in its freeform era and programmed KSFM Earth Radio, a freeform station that became top 40 station FM 102 in 1979. He also programmed KROY FM in the 1980s and then on-air for Capital Public Radio. In 2008 Newhall moved the museum from its previous location since 2000 at Ray Nakamoto's production studio to 911 20th Street (20th and I) in the building formerly known as The Oasis Ballroom. The move to the new location was covered in this Sacramento Press article.

This video is an interview I did with Dennis on May 14, 2000 at the previous location. He talks about how he put the museum together with a friend from the local music and radio scene. Dennis designed rooms for AM and FM radio but the bulk of the museum consists of thousands of framed concert posters. The museum pays homage to radio stations such as 1240 KROY AM, 1470 KXOA AM, 96.9 KROY, 98.5 KZAP and 102.5 KSFM, which brought the area the rock music that is still remembered today. The museum opens for Second Saturday visitors. It helps bring back memories of concerts people attended from the sixties through eighties. Read more about the Sacramento music scene at Playlist Research.

Update: June 23, 2013

The Rock and Radio Museum is still going strong after all these years, open on Second Saturday. In May 2013 Dennis Newhall interviewed with SacTV again and gave some deeper insight on the museum. SacTV also explored the museum which you can see on this virtual tour. The amazing attraction about the museum is that it inspires conversations about rock history even if you didn't grow up in Sacramento. There's enough rock and roll memorabilia that anyone can relate to, regardless of age or where you grew up, to spend hours there.

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