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1980s Sacramento Music Scene: Return of The Features "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on April 9, 2012

The Sacramento music scene flourished in the 1980s, which was the first decade to have a string of successful local acts who gained attention outside the region. It was not until the 1980s that a journalist could write a paragraph about local artists who had gone national. The eigthies gave us Steel Breeze, Club Nouveau, Bourgeois Tagg and Tesla and the nineties added Cake, Deftones, Oleander and Papa Roach to the list. Many other artists could be mentioned as either achieving naitonal recognition or becoming well known in the region. Underground bands who made waves in the early days of this scene included Thin White Rope from Davis and house party punk band Rebel Truth.

The Features were among Sacramento's most popular local bands in the 1980s, as they catered to the emerging punk/new wave scene at places such as Galactica 2000, Rock Factory and Lord Beaverbrooks. Not only did they regularly pack clubs in the early to mid-eighties, they opened for The Police, R.E.M. and other national acts. Singer John Pride talks about his connection with R.E.M. in this video documentary of The Features, who had a big selling album in Northern California at Tower stores.

He later formed a band called Pride In Peril. Pride now lives in Georgia, but made a visit to Sacramento last summer and did a reunion show with The Features at Harlows. Read more about that show in this Sacramento Press article. Other acts at the show included Numonix, Debora Iyall (former singer of Romeo Void) and Tattooed Love Dogs. Numonix singer Harry Price who had a radio dance hit called "Spiritual Zoo" and then produced the KWOD hit "Waves on the West Coast." This show marked The Features' first show in 25 years. They had the crowd dancing from start to finish. Here's a video of The Features doing "No Rock 'N Roll Radio."

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