video title: Interview with Chris Collins: Cutting Edge Radio
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uploaded on YouTube Apr. 4, 2012

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Interview with Chris Collins: Cutting Edge Radio "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on April 4, 2012

Chris Collins and Kil R Bee from the famous Morning Zoo show of the 80s/90s in Sacramento, talk about how their successful radio style is based on cutting edge theater of the mind. Today's radio corporations, however, have not shown interest in cutting edge humor, according to Collins, which can only eventually help internet radio. Collins recalls how he would make fun of sponsors, which he considered free promotion for them. Today's radio execs, however, don't want to offend their clients. No matter how you look at it, what once worked doesn't happen anymore and what took its place also isn't happening.

Kill R Bee asserts that radio is theater of the mind, an undertone of this video series that spawned from interviews on March 31, 2012. Collins says he has turned down morning show offers in major markets because today's struggling corporate radio safe approach does not mix with Collins' successful in your face comedy that made the Morning Zoo number one in Sacramento, a test market for national products. But Collins warns that when internet radio offers multiple choices in cars, terrestrial radio will have a difficult time competing for attention with its bland formulas. Read more about Chris Collins here. Read more about Sacramento Radio History at Playlist Research.

Update: June 23, 2013

The concept of cutting edge radio seems to keep moving further into the past. There is no sense that radio is even trying to respond to all the complaints about how boring and predictable it's become. Usually the only time radio makes the news anymore is for foolish stunts that backfire or someone like Rush Limbaugh alienating sponsors and listeners. About the only places where cutting edge radio or imaginative radio can be readily found is through the internet or public radio. There's a sense that a countdown has quietly begun for radio's demise since it continues to move in the direction of a useless medium. If you want to hear any kind of music, there are plenty of ways to hear it for free online. Keeping up with sports and news can also be done more efficiently with internet. Since music radio formats have diminshed personality, it's very hard to say why someone needs radio in 2013.

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