video title: Sacramento Radio History Montage #2
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uploaded on YouTube March 20, 2012

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Sacramento Radio History Montage #2 "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on March 20, 2012

Sacramento's radio history in the 1960s through 1980s mirrored the rise in popularity of rock and roll concert bands. This video montage of interviews with key local figures covers the transition from AM to FM for rock fans and how Sacramento was influenced by San Francisco's rock radio and concert scene. San Francisco freeform station KSAN, programmed by Tom Donahue, was known to many Sacramentans who commuted to the Bay. Although KZAP Program Director Robert Williams was let go in 1979 when new owners tightened the station's playlist, he was soon hired at his dream station, the legendary KSAN, which continued to be freeform until 1982.

This montage also features Dennis Newhall, Tony Cox, Jeff Hughson and David Watts Barton. Newhall programmed KSFM Earth Radio until it flipped to top 40 in 1979, as the playlist shifted to disco music. He talks about the Sacramento Rock and Roll Museum that he helped set up at Ray Nakamoto's production studio where local radio commercials were recorded for many years. The museum has moved to 20th & I, the site of the old Oasis Ballroom, where Tesla rose to fame. KROY morning man Tony Cox describes what it was like to witness the quick shift from AM to FM for music fans once FM reception technology was improved for cars in the late seventies.

Jeff Hughson talks about how KZAP started in 1968. Sacramento Bee music critic Barton explains how big rock concerts came to Cal Expo in the 70s and 80s due to Sacramento being on San Francisco concert promoter Bill Graham's touring circuit. Read more about the history of local radio stations at Playlist Research.

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