video title: Sacramento Radio History Montage #1
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Sacramento Radio History Montage #1 "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on March 19, 2012

Sacramento has a deep rich history of amazing radio talent. Many legendary voices came through town and made it big nationally, which was summarized in a News 10 report covered by Cristina Mendonsa, who at one time did news for the legendary KZAP, which rocked Sacramemto at 98.5 FM from 1968 through 1992. KZAP was freeform until the late seventies when it sold to a big company consulted by a national executive, who crafted the sound of other rock stations around the country, which is when playlists became more standardized and jock freedom began to disappear. That entire incredible story is documented in The Legend of KZAP

This montage kicks off a series of montages featuring local radio personalities over the years such as Tony Cox (KROY), Dennis Newhall (KZAP, Earth Radio and KROY), Robert Williams (KZAP) and Jeff Hughson (KZAP). KROY was the number one station in Sacramento from 1968 to 1974, although the life of the call letters stretched from the 1930s through 1990s. Earth Radio was also an amazing freeform station programmed by Dennis Newhall, who let jocks pick their music from a wall of records, similar to how he and Hughson were allowed artistic freedom as jocks on KZAP. Newhall describes how you had to be knowledgeable about music to work for freeform KZAP in 1972. Hughson was KZAP's first music director. Read more about the history of Sacramento radio stations at Playlist Research.

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