video title: Alex Cosper Interviews Tony Cox:
How FM Radio Took Over

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uploaded on YouTube March 16, 2012

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Tony Cox Explains How FM Radio Took Over "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on March 16, 2012

Tony Cox has been one of Sacramento's top radio personalities over the years and knows the history of the radio industry on many levels from programming ot on air to the technical side. In this video shot on April 28, 2000 at Tony's production studio (at the time called UPs), he tells the story of how "ghosting" prevented FM radio signals to be heard clearly in cars until 1978 when new technology corrected the phasing problems. FM signals would get scrambled so it sounded like several versions of the same broadcast were playing at the same time but out of time with each other.

The advent of mpx multipath, built on chips in FM receivers developed by the automotive industry, eliminated the ghosting by monitoring the sound and selecting the strongest signal. FM could finally be enjoyed in cars with clear reception and high fidelity. The result was many music stations moved from AM to FM. By the early 80s FM stations began to dominate in the ratings across the nation.

Growing up in Marysville, Tony's dream as a kid was working on the air some day at 1240 KROY in Sacramento or 610 KFRC in San Francisco. At age 13 he was given his first job on radio but it only lasted one day. Tony still learned from the experience and ultimately was hired at KROY in 1976, by Steve Rivers (who was not the same Steve Rivers who programmed KMEL in San Francisco and KIIS in Los Angeles who passed away earlier this month on March 6).

When FM became big in Sacramento, Tony moved to mornings on KROY FM after a few years on the air in Chicago. He later did middays at KSFM from 1988 to 1992 and started his own production studio. He has also marketed his ocean sound effects albums called Nature Sounds. Read more about the history of KROY and other Sacramento radio stations at Playlist Research.

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