video title: Alex Cosper Interviews Dave Skyler 2000
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uploaded on YouTube March 15, 2012

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Radio History: How KPOP Became 93 Rock in the 80s "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on March 15, 2012 begins its exploration into Sacramento Radio History, to revisit the 1980s, when radio was many people's best friend. Dave Skyler, who worked in radio with me at KWOD in Sacramento, as well as in Milwaukee and Palm Springs, explains how he hosted the morning show that changed the format from top 40 to rock in 1986. It was an executive decision that Dave carried out as a radio stunt. KPOP became 93 Rock and then began to beat legendary station KZAP in the ratings starting in 1988. Dave had quit KWOD, which at the time had its all time highest ratings ever, just #2 behind FM 102 (KSFM) while KPOP had lower ratings and a smaller signal yet paid much more.

This video was made on March 14, 2000 while Dave was in between gigs. He went on to do mornings at 107.9 The End and then returned to Los Angeles, where he has worked at several stations. In 2012 he's on air at the legendary K-Earth. In Sacrmamento, Dave worked for several radio stations and TV station Channel 58. He frequently drew attention from other media. In late 1984 he came to Sacramento from L.A. to work at KSFM then KWOD, KPOP/93 Rock, KAER (which later became Y92), The End and a few others.

When KPOP flipped to 93 Rock, Dave and his morning sidekick Rusty Humphreys told listeners they barricaded themselves in the studio and were not coming out until managemment changed the format to rock. It was a planned stunt, but it attracted TV stations and other local media that covered the event. The new morning show was called "The Rude Awakening." Read more about Sacramento radio history (and radio history from other cities) at Playlist Research.

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