video title: (Alex Cosper Interviews) David Watts Barton Part 4: Songwriting
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An Interview with Writer David Watts Barton (Part 4) "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on March 11, 2012

David Watts Barton talks about his own music in this interview that concludes the four-part series, shot by Joe-G of in front of Crocker Art Museum on Friday, March 2, 2012. David says he started writing songs in the late 70s. But after getting a writing job with The Bee he told himself to stop writing songs since his job was to review other people's songs. Then after 13 years of restraining himself, he began writing a few songs with friend Tracy Walton of Mumbo Gumbo. One of the songs called "Say What You Say" was featured on Mumbo Gumbo's 1996 album Big Smiley. The song became a positive sing-along anthem at their shows. This collaboration renewed David's interest in songwriting as it sparked an album he recorded at Tesla founder Brian Wheat's 24 track home studio. Several local scene musicians including Larry Tagg joined David to record his album in 1999.

"Every rock critic, I think, really wants to be a rock star and every movie critic wants to be a director," David confirms. He plans to take a break in 2012 then start working on some of his creative projects. He's also interested in screenplay writing and composing musicals. David agrees with Dave Grohl's recent Grammy speech that music needs to not be so perfectly produced. Barton points out that legendary albums like Sgt. Pepper were not meant to be perfect the way today's producers have characterized professional recording. David says "perfect is over-rated in every aspect of life. Life is not perfect. Life is bizarre and unexpected and then you die. Why would art be any different?"

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