video title: Kevin Seconds Performs "Oh, Rhonda"
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video source: Kevadoh
uploaded on YouTube Feb. 13, 2012

more info: duration 3:04 minutes

Kevin Seconds Performs "Oh, Rhonda" "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on March 8, 2012

Kevin Seconds has been on the road throughout 2012 raising money for causes. His song "Oh, Rhonda" is a melodic gem for Sacramento scene archives and beyond. The punk rocker, who put out albums with 7 Seconds from the late seventies through the nineties, has expanded his repertoire over the years to include a wide range of songwriting, including acoustic ballads such as this song. The heartfelt song is about a lost friend with a sense of deep reflection and realization about someone's missing presence. The song could easily be a national hit if exposed to the masses. The video was shot on an iPhone 4 and edited in iMovie on a MacBook Pro.

7 Seconds was Kevin's punk band that put out several albums starting in 1979 through 2005. At one point in the 90s the band was signed to Sony. Kevin became a regular local music scene host on KWOD 106.5 in the 2000s, through its final broadcast in 2009. His True Love Coffeehouse club for all ages that he and his wife Allyson opened in 2001 provided a platform for creative lyricsts, according to Jeffry-Wynne Prince of The Kimberly Trip in a recent SacTV interview. During the past four years Kevin has toured North America and Europe. He is currently on the road in the South.

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