video title: Alex Cosper Interviews The Kimberly Trip's Jeffry-Wynne Prince
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video source: SacTVnews
uploaded on YouTube Feb. 23, 2012

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Interview with Jeffry-Wynne Prince of The Kimberly Trip "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on Feb. 23, 2012

Jeffry-Wynne Prince talks about The Kimberly Trip, a modern rock band that picks up where new wave left off. Prince's wife Kim is the lead singer of the fun group that offers an upbeat contrast to to the common doom and gloom sound voiced by many current rock bands. He explains the formation of the group and how it has succeeded handling its own business. With over 100,000 downloads and a long history of creating their own venues, The Kimberly Trip is well-poised to advance with the independent music revolution of the 2010s.

Prince is featured in the 2010 book that documents this pop music expansion called Indie Revelations, in which he discussed how the band was able to secure a music video deal with the Electronics Arts video game Rock Band for the song "California." The band represents a model for other bands who want to pave their own path, as they record, release and promote their music on their own. Part of what makes the band successful is the lure of their humorous lyrics that point to the message it's ok to have your own identity. Their songs "Not Quite Right in the Head" and "Shy Girl From Orange Country" are examples of unique conversation pieces conducive for social networking.

Update: June 23, 2013

The band recorded new music in 2012 and continues to do show. In the Spring of 2013, however, Kimberly injured her ankle and the band was forced to cancel several summer shows and a few video shoots. The band then focused their attention on recording and completing an album by the end of summer. The album will be called Hold Up the Sky. The band has had a busy year, as they went on a Pacific Northwest tour that covered Eugene, Oregon, Seattle and Boise in April. They plan on resuming live shows in August.

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