video title: The New Crocker Art Museum: The Making of a Masterpiece
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uploaded on YouTube Jan. 13, 2011

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The New Era of the Crocker Art Museum "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on Feb. 21, 2012

The Crocker Art Gallery has always been an important Sacramento landmark since its original opening in 1885. It has become the oldest operating museum in California, showcasing a wide range of art from all over the world. In October 2010 the museum tripled in size, expanded with a new 125,000 foot building called the Teel Family Pavilion, named after Raley's co-owner Joyce Raley Teel, a donor of the project featured in this documentary. The expansion made the Crocker Art Museum the 26th largest museum in America.

This informative documentary was produced, directed and edited by Laurence Campling, assisted by Associate Producer Shelly Willis. Campling also provides the music along with Palmer Taylor and Jimmy Bell. It contains several quotes and interviews from Crocker personnel and local leaders such as Mayor Kevin Johnson descibing what this expansion has done in the community. Others featured include Tom Weborg, Mort and Marcy Friedman, Melza Barr, Lial A. Jones, Roger Dickinson, Russ Solomon, Stacey Shelnut-Hendrick and Scott Shields. Crocker executives explain the fundraising process, the design and construction of the upgraded facility.

Crocker officials explain why the museum was expanded with modern architecture. Lial A. Jones talks about how she brought to Sacramento as a visionary director for the project to make the institution more relevant to the community. The funding was fueled by the Crocker Art Museum Capital Campaign is the largest arts initiative in the region. Before the campaign began the project raised $15 million from a few donors. Ultimately, $100 million was raised for the project.
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