video title: The Visitors
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video source: AccessSacramento
uploaded on YouTube May 5, 2009

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duration 10:03 minutes

The Visitor Film Exposes Sacramento Stereotypes "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on Feb. 20, 2012

The Visitor is a local film that debunks a long list of Sacramento stereotypes. The story revolves around a mother played by Serpil Vandale who wants to raise her son in an environment where he can appreciate art and culture. But the kid's suburbanized grandmother played by Linda Judd warns about the dangers of living Downtown. The problem is, most of her warnings are simply images shaped by television imagery and economic status. The grandmother's perception of Downtown is a place full of poor people who get mugged all the time. Ultimately, she learns how her perceptions and pre-judgements are over-blown.

The film presents plenty of familiar local scenes such as Tower Theater and Luna's Cafe. The film was featured in AccessSacramento's "A Place Called Sacramento" festival in 2009. It was written, directed and produced by Sharon Scrivner and Zeba Hone. Music was provided by Beat Champs and Ben Loco & The Funky Divine. Other credits include Direector of Photography Tim Meunier and Editor Chris King. The cast includes the following actors:

Linda Judd
Mark Fejta
Serpil Vandale
Shawnivan Hone
Yvonne Koenig
Erica Basinger
Richard Judd
Paul T. McGee
Edwin Johnson
Nick Roberts
Anne Ra
Shawna Rodriquez
Sara Martin
Steve Dakota
John Prewitt
Tomi Tuel
Sharon Scrivner
Zeba Hone
Art Luna
Shane Cummins

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