video title: E+ Productions 2010 PCS Film Festival
Video Montage

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video source: DDSOorg
uploaded on YouTube Oct 1, 2010

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duration: 2:48 minutes

David Eugene Ivey's Tuneful Soundtrack Music "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on Feb. 11, 2012

Usually background music for films and video isn't meant to stand out but there's no rule it can't be inspiring and noticeably melodic music, which is the case with David Eugene Ivey for this video. This montage of film clips from two local films is set to a strong yet soft theme crafted by Ivey, who is listed on ReverbNation as a jazz/acoustic rock/new age artist from Rocklin. While the song in the montage called "Farewell to Angels" is an acoustic guitar instrumental, David also plays keyboards, percussion and sings, performing live with the Eric Evans Project. David also writes custom songs for weddings, anniversaries and tributes.

The video showcases the making of the films Are You My Girlfriend and Thugs Need Hugs, which were both presented at Access Sacramento's A Place Called Sacramento Film Festival in 2010. The montage was produced by E+ Productions with the help of the students and staff of DDSO-Employment Plus, a non-profit community program that helps adults with disabilities.

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