Dann Shively Interview: Pilot of the Airwaves

by Alex Cosper on Feb. 6, 2012

This video kicks off the first of five interviews with Dann Shively, who worked as a Pilot reporting on Sacramento traffic for KCRA TV and Radio. Dann confirms that KCRA was the first radio and TV station in town to regularly report on news from the sky. KCRA's sister radio station formerly under Kelly Broadcasting was 1320 AM, which was first called KCRA then in the 1980s it became Tribune Broadcasting's KGNR and was a vibrant news force. Dann joined KCRA AM in 1972 at first to produce morning radio news then to report on news from the sky for KCRA. In 1979 the TV station purchased its first copter, which Dann used for live televised traffic reports.

Dann had gained flying experience while serving in the military in the late sixties, which prepared him for decades of traffic reporting. This video series of five brief interviews produced by Joe-G reflects on Dann's career as one of Sacramento's longest running local media figures who saw Sacramento evolve from the broadest of perspectives. Dann retired from KCRA in the summer of 2011 but maintains exciting memories of his extensive career. Although he spent time at several stations, he enjoyed the most consistency and longevity with KCRA, Sacramento's most watched TV station.

Dann Shively Interview (Part 1): Pilot of the Airwaves
Dann Shively Interview (Part 2): Early Radio Days
Dann Shively Interview (Part 3): Helicopter Stories
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Dann Shively Interview (Part 5): Sacramento Traffic

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