video title: Road 88 live at Thunder Valley The Fever
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uploaded on YouTube Sep. 19, 2011

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Road 88 Rocks with Country Fever "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on Jan. 30, 2012

Road 88 is a country/rock band put together by singer Rachel Steele and guitarist Scott Prentice. This video of their September 16, 2011 perfomance at Thunder Valley Casino Resort is full of wild energy. The band performs "The Fever" at a show in which they opened for national country act Big and Rich. Read more about the show in this Sacramento Press article that mentions Road 88 were named Best Local Band by KCRA.

Rachel Steele gets the party started by communicating with the crowd, something many local acts often overlook. She charges up the audience with well-written fun-spirited music that creates a friendly vibrant atmosphere. Road 88 have played around Sacramento, Folsom and Elk Grove frequently. Their debut album, No Speed Bumps, available on iTunes and CDBaby, was released a few years ago. It doesn't include "The Fever" but is full of equally upbeat country rock such as "Not Gonna Happen." Road 88 opens for the Marshall Tucker Band March 16, 2012 at Thunder Valley Casino Resort.

Road 88 stands out among the endless sea of internet bands partly because so many of their songs inspire party celebration. "The Fever" is one of those instantly enjoyable songs driven my melodic and lyrical strength over a solid rhythm section. Best band in town? It's easy to see why a lot of people think so.

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